From polishing silverware to playing tug-of-war over the last bag of macaroni noodles in the grocery store (yes, unfortunately for me this was real life) everything can seem like such a huge task or mission during the holiday season! Personally, my fam and I have opted out of the Thanksgivings at home and started celebrating at our timeshare in Mexico (no clean up and we don’t have to supply 40+ bottles of prosecco to friends and family on Turkeyday as well as Christmas), but if you’re the host at home during this holiday season, I have put together a list of standout pointers, with the help of friends at Swift + Company  , that will make your festive day a huge success!

1.Create a beautiful and themed tablescape:
When planning for the holidays you want your guests to feel the sense of warmth in your home or space! Do this with color, candles, and texture. I prefer keeping things mostly traditional in regard to color palette, like using gold and orange tones for Thanksgiving, with a lovely mosaic touch of blue, and Boudreaux (instead of red) for Christmas! Keep up the “warm” vibes by NEVER forgetting candles, not only during the holidays, but I feel the home is never complete without a few candles to add a glow!
Also, don’t be afraid of texture. BE EXTRA! Use that burlap! Use that garland on the table. Use those lingering leaves from outside that the yard man didn’t clean up (but I’m serious! Wash a few nice leaves, that are similar in size, spray paint them gold, and create place holders)!


2.What’s a party without the obvious-LIQUOR:
Not sure about you guys, but my house is definitely the entertainment hub during the holidays. We have so much prosecco that we have to make an ice chest out of our washing machine to host all the bubbly (this should also be a handy tip for all you seasonal lushes out there). During the Swift + Co feast, we featured a cranberry thyme gin and tonic garnished with cranberries and thyme sprigs……
3.Set the mood with some Tunes:
If you’re not good at choosing playlists, reach out to your friends and family and ask what artists or songs they favor! Once you have a few names, add them to a Tidal, Pandora or Spotify album so that everyone has their moment of playing singalong throughout the night. Note to the wise, All I Want For Christmas by Mariah Carey works in every setting (trust me… my friends and I just tested this theory during a Halloween house party #epic)!!
4.Don’t forget the macaroni:
If you caught my grocery store one liner above, I think you can gather that macaroni is one of the more coveted culinary sides in my household. Thanksgiving and Christmas aren’t complete if there isn’t macaroni on the table, and during the southern feast with Swift + Company this wasn’t any different! They served their award winning Texas Tango Mac N Cheese which includes bbq pulled pork and topped with tomatillo salsa and mango relish…need I say more.?!

5.Dress like your best and Enjoy:
Be sure to always dress for your own comfortability and liking! I love dressing up at home for the holidays especially due to the fact that my cousins and I either do a movie post-dinner or go out on the town! Have a little fun with your attire which will most likely translate to the fun you will have with your family and friends! Enjoy the time with your loved ones and applaud yourself for throwing successful holiday feast!
Thank you to Swift + Company for sponsoring this beautiful dinner! Be sure to check out there website for more details on rental and catering needs!
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  1. Allie
    November 4, 2017 at 1:42 pm (2 months ago)

    I’ve been hosting Christmas dinner for 20 plus years and learned a lot.

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