Well folks my obsession with jeans has gone to an extreme level lately! Every time I’ve been out shopping this season I make it up in my mind that I need more and more and to be honest it usually ends up being worth it who says no to jeans $50 and less?! I liveeee in jeans so when I came up on these denim culottes from Madewell they were a must-buy! These knock out two of my loves in one garment- culottes + denim = dreamy!

•Check out Madewell’s denim bar here

I tucked in this lightweight black sweater from Club Monaco last season similar here, and boy do I wish I still had that Ralph Lauren/Club Monaco discount because their sweaters are always amaze!

Also, I can’t forget about the leather jacket that will now be on my back just about everywhere forever wherever I go literally for the rest of my days that I snagged from The Little Bird a few weeks ago styled here too ! With my favorite color being blue, how amazing is it that I found a blue metallic leather jacket that’s quality and even better, for 1/4 of the original $$$! This is my first leather jacket purchase in a color besides black and trust me I won’t be stopping here poor wallet : (

PS What’s up friends! How did yall’s first week of 2017 go down??

Photos by Fredis Benitez

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